iMM - Insurance of Market Maker

About iMM

IMM aims to

  • Protect the benefits of investors (B to C) when they participate in Initial DEX Offering (IDO) projects.
  • Advise developers (B to B) on technology projects to raise capital in the form of Initial DEX Offering (IDO)

Market Problems

  • Poor quality projects: The crypto market is flooded with scam and low-quality projects.
  • Information problem: Investors do not have the opportunity to access all information related to the project. Even if they have, investors have difficulty in synthesizing and evaluating the quality of information sources.
  • Investors lack the ability to analyze and make decisions: Ordinary investors do not have the ability to analyze and make decisions based on the information they can find.

How IMM works

IMM Features

Data Analysis System

Our Advantages

Token Usecase

User Projection


B2B services

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