We’re excited to announce the stratagic partnership between iMM and BSClaunch.

The partnership program will focus on building up a bridge for quality projects and the partners will collaborate closely to create a synergy and success.

We at iMM, have some high standards and goals for the market. iMM aims…

iMM Global Airdrop is starting today on Coinmarketcap! 🔥

This is a big day for our community. IMM Global Airdrop is starting today and Coinmarketcap will be hosting this incredible event.

Get ready because total airdrop amount is 15,000 $IMM.

Welcome, iMM’s communities!

After several days of working and meeting, now we’re honor to introduce to you two launchpads that we officially run our IDO event.
Both BSClaunch and Red Kite are currently among the best platforms on the market right now. Thanks to their support and consultants, we have taken…

Hello, world!

As an investor, we always find it difficult to seek all the information about the project. If so, we also realize that it is very challenging to synthesize and evaluate the quality of information sources. …

iMM - Insurance of Market Maker

IMM is an Automated Synthesis & Analytics Tool of Cryptocurrency Market utilizing Bigdata, Data Analyst, Artificial Intelligence technology based on Blockchain

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